The Barnes Atelier of Art

The Barnes Atelier is a small atelier run by artists Travis Seymour and Nancy Fletcher, together classically trained at the Angel Academy in Florence as well as The Water Street Atelier and Grand Central Academy in New York.

During their studies in Florence, Travis and Nancy worked predominantly with charcoal and later in paint. These are just a handful of some of the figure studies made by both artists during this time:

Barnes Atelier - Nitram Charcoal

“Without the use of Nitram Charcoal, neither these drawings nor any of the other countless academic works by other atelier students would be possible.” -Travis Seymour, Academic Director at Barnes Atelier

Ultimately Travis and Nancy’s studies and work as professional artists have led them to setting up their own Atelier, now in its second year, where they are passionate about passing on the traditional methods of drawing and painting to their own students — continuing the tradition of classical fine art training in the UK.

We have a small Atelier where we provide one-to-one training every weekday to a dedicated group of students all seeking to graduate from their studies as professional realist artists. From the very start of our programme we introduce students to the idea of excellence in their work and to achieving a mastery over the materials they are using.

Although we focus primarily with the use of pencil at the studio during the first year of the programme, we actively encourage students to gain experience with other materials of which Nitram Charcoal is at the top of the list. Thank you for making such a fine product that art students and professionals around the world benefit from each and every day.

Barnes Atelier - Nitram Charcoal

The Barnes Atelier has created a wonderful environment for aspiring artists to learn and are proving themselves to be in the top echelon when it comes to student training, further evidenced by students exhibiting at the Royal Portrait Society, the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal West of England Academy amongst others in just the first year of the Atelier.

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Jerzy Niedojadlo

Jerzy Niedojadlo

Jerzy's interest in art and painting started at a very early age and has continued to grow. After enrolling in the Academy of Art in Toronto, Canada, Jerzy's passion for charcoal was sparked.