Featured Artist: Brock Alius

Brock Alius was born and raised in Utah.  After dropping out of the local university due to a frustrating lack of clarity in their teaching methods, and studying with other local artists only to find the same frustrations, Brock was fortunate to find local artist Ryan Brown. Ryan was running a small atelier based on his training at the Florence Academy of Art, which ultimately ties into the 19th century tradition of art education. Brock immediately realized the importance of acquiring such foundational principles, and had his eyes open to the often hidden world of 19th century academic/representational painting. Completing the atelier program after 5 years of study, Brock has remained with the school as an instructor of basic drawing and painting, as well as artistic anatomy, and is pursuing his goal of becoming a self sustaining fine artist.

Slight Breeze
charcoal and white on paper 16×20″ 2014

Hippie Love
charcoal and white on paper 16×20″ 2015

A Child’s Song
charcoal and white on paper 14×18″  2015

Charcoal and White on Paper 10×12″ 2012

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Jerzy Niedojadlo

Jerzy Niedojadlo

Jerzy's interest in art and painting started at a very early age and has continued to grow. After enrolling in the Academy of Art in Toronto, Canada, Jerzy's passion for charcoal was sparked.