Every artist knows the importance
of stepping back from their work

Magda Almy on the New Nitram bâton


“Ever since I read that John Singer Sargent drew with a paint brush
attached to the end of a stick, I wanted to try a drawing implement
with a longer handle.

Every artist knows the importance of stepping back from their work. 
The Nitram bâton allows me to draw while making observations 
from a distance,
effectively improving accuracy and speed
without shifting perspective.

A longer handle calls for a light hand and a more fluid stroke,
which keeps the focus on larger shapes and contour rhythms, 
right where it needs to be. I highly recommend it as a tool for
artists who need to learn how to properly handle their materials
in the beginning stages of a drawing.”

– Magda Almy, Ravenswood Atelier


Magda-rabioAward winning artist, Magdalena Almy, graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago with a BFA. She studied at the Florence Academy of Art where she became an assistant instructor and taught a summer program. Magdalena returned to Chicago after her three years at FAA and co-founded the Ravenswood Atelier where she now works and teaches.


The Nitram bâton is a unique charcoal drawing device,
designed to hold the new Nitram Mignonette – a thin 4mm charcoal stick.

For more information on the Nitram bâton, please visit:

To puchase the Nitram bâton and Nitram Mignonette, please visit: www.nitramcharcoal.com/baton

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Nitram Fine Art Charcoal

Nitram Fine Art Charcoal

Nitram is the Preferred Charcoal of Professional Artists, Academies and Ateliers.