Nitram Charcoal: Ready When You Are: Nic De Jesus

Nic De Jesus: Featured in the September Issue
of Artists & Illustrators Magazine.

Nic De Jesus Nitram Charcoal

“I like to be ready to draw right away when I encounter an interesting motif in the landscape. So I sharpen my charcoal before heading out. I usually keep 3 of each in a little wooden box. Unlike other charcoal, Nitram holds its structural integrity extremely well. When I am ready to draw, I’ll have charcoal ready to use, not just broken sticks lying about, which can be an annoying distraction.

Nic De Jesus Nitram Charcoal

Outdoors, I also use ground charcoal and a variety of brushes to work up an atmosphere in my composition. Nitram is a lovely charcoal to grind into powder. I grind the Nitram Fusains H, HB, B and even the Batons Moyens. I store them in individually labelled salt shakers. They all have unique properties that add visual interest to my drawings.

Nitram Charcoal is a wonderfully versatile medium. It’s even better because it can endure being lugged around while hiking.”

After honing his craft as a Staff Photographer and Art Director for an independent action sports magazine in his hometown of Cape Town, Nic emigrated to London in 2007. He spent the next few years focused on photography while nourishing his skills as a draughtsman. Nic now works as an artist with a focus on drawing and painting. His work is in private collections around the world. Nic continues to work on his collections– Mare Incognitum, Terra Incognitum & A Light In The Valley.

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Jerzy Niedojadlo

Jerzy Niedojadlo

Jerzy's interest in art and painting started at a very early age and has continued to grow. After enrolling in the Academy of Art in Toronto, Canada, Jerzy's passion for charcoal was sparked.

  • Terence A. McBain

    Hi, I would like start by saying great work the texture of charcoal is awesome, I myself am an aspiring artist I use pastel and coloured pencil. Thank you for sharing your art.

  • Marta

    What kind of paper do you recommend for charcoal drawings? Sometimes I would like to do just value studies, tonal compositions… but I struggle a lot with paper texture. I am using Arches or Fabriano watercolor. Thank you

    1. Jerzy Niedojadlo
      Jerzy Niedojadlo

      Generally, watercolour paper is a fantastic choice for charcoal studies – Fabriano Artistico is one that we use quite often.

      Here is another article that you may find useful: