Nitram’s New Warehouse, Office & Art Studio

When designing our new offices for Nitram I wanted to
include a space dedicated to “doing and learning” art.

We finished the renovations recently and had our first life drawing class
on Thursday, March 31, 2016.

The session started with some quick sketches to loosen up.


Note that Ollie the Rat Terrier managed to get in a few quick poses along with
our model Lindsay.

A glass of wine to celebrate ended the 3 hour session.


Left to right: Cathy Mills, Debbie Manchur, Kaitlin Gallant,
Patricia Adolph, Lindsay Warren (Model), Ollie (Rat Terrier)

Jerzy Niedojadlo – took the picture. 

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Jerzy Niedojadlo

Jerzy Niedojadlo

Jerzy's interest in art and painting started at a very early age and has continued to grow. After enrolling in the Academy of Art in Toronto, Canada, Jerzy's passion for charcoal was sparked.