100 Years Apart

On April 30, Martin Gros celebrated his 100th birthday. Martin started Nitram Charcoal almost 50 years ago. Daniel Gros and his sister Marisol helped him celebrate this milestone.
100 Years Apart
100 Years Apart

To mark this special occasion, Daniel's son Antoine created a special commemorative package of Nitram.

Karen Fan, who I always refer to as "our little Karen" as she is five foot nothing, started working for us a little over 5 years ago. On April 30 she announced that she and her beau Yuuki were going to have a baby.  


We are all very thrilled and happy for Karen and Yuuki. We are a small group here and have come to see each other as our "weekday" family. So little healthy treats for the baby has become the new norm. It makes me think of all the roads travelled and all those yet to be traversed – 100 years apart.

Jerzy Niedojadlo

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