• Featured Artist: Kathryn Warden

    Video courtesy of Kathryn Warden LINES, SHAPES & TEXTURES “Portrait of Hans”, size 25 x 29 cm, Nitram Charcoal on paper WITH NITRAM CHARCOAL...
  • Charcoal 101: Nitram vs. Willow vs. Vine Charcoal

    Not all charcoal is alike and understanding the differences can make a big impact in the outcome of a drawing.
  • Featured Artist: Reut Dafna

    Video courtesy of Reut Dafna.   PERCHANCE TO DREAM “Trampoline”, 2018, 150 cm x 170 cm, Charcoal on paper WITH NITRAM CHARCOAL "My son jumped...
  • Xavi Denia

    Enjoy this charcoal portrait video tutorial. Video courtesy of Xavier Denia. ART ON YOUR TERMS ‘Borraz’ by Xavier Denia, size 50 x 70 cm, Nitr...
  • Alexandrea Nicholas-Jennings

    IN WONDERLAND ‘The Plague Doctor’ by Alexandrea Nicholas-Jennings, Size 16  x 17 inches, Nitram Charcoal on toned paper WITH NITRAM CHARCOAL Ca...
  • Zuzanna Salamon & Creative World 2024

    DRAWING FOR CREATIVE WORLD A preview of Zuzanna Salamon’s drawing to be exhibited at Creativeworld 2024 WITH NITRAM CHARCOAL "I love working w...
  • Vaibhav Naik

    Nitram charcoal has been an invaluable aid in my artistic journey. I love the range of darkness, and how it is perfect for details as well as mass shapes. Nitram charcoal also helps me to developed my drawings patiently – layer by layer, while still looking fresh every time. This is why I used Nitram charcoal sticks and powder in my recent solo drawing exhibition. It allowed me to give full expression to what I felt and the visual poetry I wanted to convey.
  • Sarah M. Gibson

    Nitram is far and away better than any other charcoal that I’ve used, so much so that I wouldn’t consider using any other brand. I first started using Nitram while training at the Ateliers in Florence, and now it’s what my own students at The Glasgow Academy of Fine Art use in all their drawing projects. Unlike standard willow or vine charcoals, Nitram comes in three different grades of hardness, all of which can be sharpened to a fine point. These are both essential qualities if you want to work with precision and control, as the beginning stage of a drawing requires a very soft charcoal, which is easier to erase and lay in a heavy value, while the latter stages requires very delicate work to hatch in the more subtle value shifts, which is better served by a harder charcoal.
  • Hisako Hoshino & The Academy of Figurative Arts

    "I drew this portrait from life with Nitram Charcoal in three sessions. It was completed as part of my training at the Academy of Figurative Arts. Nitram Charcoal enables me to create artworks of excellent finish and quality. Its remarkable versatility and various hardnesses allows me to achieve precise results in capturing the finer details, enhancing mid-tones and maintaining compressed shadows."
  • New work from Nic De Jesus

    Enjoy this video of Nic De Jesus's charcoal drawing “Strandfontein, West Coast, South Africa - I”. Video courtesy of Nic De Jesus Artist's Instag...
  • César Sánchez

    César Sánchez is a talented artist known for creating stunning charcoal drawings using Nitram Charcoal. After starting his academic training at the Academy of Realist Art Toronto, he fell in love with Nitram Charcoal and has been using it ever since. Sánchez prefers to start his drawings on a textured surface, as this allows him to provide different finishes and generate more interest for the viewer. To achieve this, he uses the Nitram Académie Fusains B, HB and H, which are hard and resistant when a fine point is needed for working on the smallest details, yet soft enough to cover larger surfaces with ease.

  • Express Yourself: Shane Wolf

    "39!" by Shane Wolf, 75 x 60 cm, Nitram Charcoal on paper. WITH NITRAM CHARCOAL “I have been using Nitram charcoal since my Angel Academy days ba...