Featured Artist: Arindam Gupta


Moha-Mod by Arindam Gupta, 20" x 26", Nitram Charcoal & Nitram Liquid Charcoal

Sweet Prava

Sweet Prava, 20" x 26"

"MONA the autistic girl"

"MONA the autistic girl", Nitram Liquid Charcoal, Nitram Stick & New Nitram Baton 2.0 on 300gsm paper. Size:19x19.5 inch.


“I have used many well-known charcoal products but have found none that ensure the artistic effect I am looking for. My work is very detailed and Nitram Charcoal helps me to define crisp shadows and refine my drawing to bring my characters to life.

Nitram Liquid Charcoal creates a new depth. It can be painted with a fine brush for detail or used softly with a broad brush to create values which later help in defining the finished piece.

Nitram – easy to use so I can work on my work.”

~ Arindam Gupta, Concept Maker, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Nitram Liquid Charcoal

Arindam Gupta holding Nitram Baton 2.0Arindam Gupta is a contemporary realistic artist delving into the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. Born in Khanyan, West Bengal. His artistic excellence was nurtured by his family, the major influence being his father, mother, paternal uncle and Boro Maa & legendary photographer Vivek Das. His artistic expression is influenced heavily by research into the philosophy of 'Advaita Vedanta' and the concept of Lord 'Shiva' in Sanatan Dharma. He is an ardent worshipper of Goddess 'Tara', the resident Goddess of knowledge 'Vidya'. He refers to himself as 'Abodha' which translates to 'Beyond intelligence'. Arindam realises that the whole of our natural existence, both physical and biological is a manifestation of God and Consciousness pervades every living entity in this universe. The subject of his paintings revolves around 'Yoga' and the romanticism of 'Mohini Vidya'. His preferred medium is Nitram Fine Art Charcoal which he uses to give life to his art on paper and canvas.

To view more please visit https://instagram.com/arindamsart/

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