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The Mortality Paradox - Brian Skol - Nitram Charcoal

Mental is the next series of works I'm starting that address mental health in general and my personal experiences in living with and having mental health disorders. I hope my experiences and the work I create from that are able to help others who might not have anything or anyone to relate to. Shedding light on mental health with art can hopefully encourage a much needed dialogue, not only about the issues themselves, but also being open enough to talk about them in the first place.



Watch as Brian creates a figure drawing using two sticks of Nitram Charcoal at the same time!


It was after seeing what kind of artistic communities were in Chicago, I decided to move there, but not before commuting for nearly two years, from Rockford to Chicago, having been accepted to the American Academy of Art. Going to the Academy ended up being my gateway to the Palette and Chisel, and finally the Ravenswood Atelier where I stayed for 3 and half years. The last years at Ravenswood completed my education and took my knowledge of the craft of painting far beyond anything I thought possible. After 11 years of school I started to wonder when I would get to start to make my own work, so I decided the time was right to go on my own.

Featured in the October Issue of Artists & Illustrators Magazine.

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