Art of the Dead by Sandi Ludescher

Artist and Musician, Sandi Ludescher sent us an image of her painting, Esperando de El Desfile (Waiting for the Parade), and a CD of her harp music! This is part of her series called El Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). We combined her artwork and music to create the video below: 

More about Sandi: I love to draw. I try to draw a little every day and attend two sessions each week working from live, nude models. Charcoal and water soluble graphite are my favorite mediums. I like to take a wet brush when I use graphite and "correct" the drawing, making it more painterly. I've always been most attracted to people and characters as subjects in my artwork. Color (and lots of it) is also something I am not shy about. So, when you put together these two elements, people in costume or dressed for special occasions is just a natural to paint. To view more of Sandi's work, please visit:

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