Big Announcement:
Nitram is Gluten Free

When I travel coffee is my rite of passage into every day. At the Art Materials trade show in Denver, every morning, I made the pilgrimage down to the coffee shop for the Lattes. Back in my room I noticed the "product positioning" on my cup - HAND HARVESTED.



How do they know that the coffee was harvested by hand? Can they prove it? Do they have their own coffee plantation?This is just a thinly disguised product feature or as I like to call it "spin the feature". My everyday job is marketing so I understand this need to differentiate. Finding those unique product features and benefits to help consumers make "buying decisions". Pat and I decided to try and "spin" Nitram to new heights.



Free Range

Fair Trade Organic

100% Natural

0% Fat

No Artificial Ingredients

Fragrance Free

Artisan Roasted

Sustainable BPA Free

Small Batch


Made without Hormones or Antibiotics

And yes, Gluten Free ;-)

Got any more?

Regards, Jerzy

PS - construction has started on the new Nitram facility.

Nitram is Gluten Free

 Just foundations - no animals were harmed though... Save Save Save Save

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