Cesar Renders with Nitram


Cesar Renders with Nitram

"I spent four years in art college using any paint and any charcoal stick that was available, not knowing the difference between good and bad art materials. Then, I started studying classical art in Florence, Italy. I used the best oil paints and, for the first time, I used Nitram Charcoal. I started to produce work that was similar to the Old Masters. Ever since, I have been using Nitram Charcoal exclusively! It is reliable and consistent, allowing me to express my artistic intentions onto paper. The different grades (H, HB, B) allow a natural variation. This gives my work a unique quality. Nitram Charcoal has no contender. That is why I choose Nitram.”


Cesar Santos’ art education is worldly, and his work has been seen around the globe. From the Annigoni Museum in Italy, the Beijing Museum in China, to Chelsea, NY, Santos’ work reflects both classical and modern interpretations juxtaposed within one painting. His influences range from the Renaissance to the Masters of the nineteenth century to Contemporary Art. With superb technique, he infuses a harmony between the natural and the conceptual to create works that are provocative and dramatic. To learn more about Cesar, please visit his website - www.santocesar.com

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