César Sánchez

Enjoy this progression video of César Sánchez's charcoal drawing of "Saint Jerome".
Video courtesy of César Sánchez


A charcoal drawing titled "Saint Jerome" by César Sánchez

“Saint Jerome”, 71 x 57 cm, Nitram Charcoal and white chalk on hand toned Arches paper


“My work is mainly based on trying to give a different point of view to what we live, to tell stories through scenarios in alternative circumstances to our reality, projecting my own vision of what happens to me and more intrigues me at this stage of growth, both occupational, physical and mentally. Basically, a diary of what I want to solve with myself at the moment and what has marked me throughout my life. All this, trying to give an aesthetic and elegant feeling so that anyone can feel an interest in it. My pieces are mainly focused on drawing and painting. Drawing in graphite and more concurrently in charcoal, since this material allows for more powerful contrasts, so that a deeper atmosphere can be created, usually with a single subject as the main character. As for painting, I work with oils, as it is a very noble material with which you can play with different, very interesting textures, which create a low relief, as if the character wanted to leave the painting."

“I was first introduced to Nitram when I started my academic training at the Academy of Realist Art Toronto and fell in love since then, working with the brand for my personal projects and also when I continued studies at the Barcelona Academy of Art. When I am going to start a new project in drawing, I always try to do it on a textured surface, since this allows me to provide different finishes and generate more interest for the viewer and the tool that best allows me to work in this way is the Nitram Académie Fusains B, HB and H, since I firmly believe that the quality with which they are made is the best there is; They are hard and resistant when a fine point is needed to work the smallest details in a work of art and at the same time, soft to add a good amount of material when covering larger surfaces. It should also be clarified that the best company for the Fusains is the Sharpening Bloc, which fits perfectly in the hand to have better control when sharpening and be careful so that our valuable material does not break. Without a doubt, Nitram is the most elegant and versatile brand to work with.”

~ César Sánchez

I was born in the city of León, Guanajuato, México in the year 2000. I am currently developing as a professional artist, specializing in the technique of charcoal and painting. Following the path of art allows me to express myself in a deeper way and be able to connect with more people in a way that words cannot form in my mouth, always looking for aesthetics. Thanks to the experience that I was able to obtain from my studies at the ARA Toronto and later at the Barcelona Academy of Art, it has made it easier for me to learn in the most optimal way and with a good foundation the technique of drawing in different media and painting in good theory."

"Over the years, I have been able to obtain various recognitions in local and national competitions, apart from having obtained a full scholarship to study for a summer in Florence at the AD´A Firenze (Accademia D´Arte Firenze) and later winning a scholarship at the ARA Toronto. My life is dedicated entirely to art, waking up every day to paint, searching for new techniques from artists online, and putting into practice what I can learn on my own. Currently I'm working in my own studio mostly painting, and as a part time teacher at the Academy of Realist Art México (ARAM)."



César Sánchez. "Long Pose", 66 x 39 cm 
Medium: Nitram Charcoal on Arches paper



César Sánchez. "Sándal", 76 x 45 cm
Medium: Nitram Charcoal and White Chalk on hand toned Arches paper 



César Sánchez. "Daniel", 57 X 71 cm
Medium: Nitram charcoal, white chalk and sepia chalk on hand toned Arches paper

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