Charcoal Drawing Workshops: Develop Artistic Skills and Create a Loyal Customer Base

An email from Jane Fisher – Pegasus Art, UK

Hi Jerzy

Thanks for your advice about the new Extra Soft Nitram Charcoal, sales have been going very well.

I am attaching various photos from our recent extremely successful workshop at Pegasus Art run by Helen Frost. 15 participants squeezed into our teaching space at Pegasus Art and enjoyed the great workshop/demonstrations on Saturday 15th Sept. Helen did a superb job taking the artists through various stages to build up tone, she also brought along some of her own impressive Nitram drawings which perfectly showed the versatility and strength of Nitram charcoal.

Charcoal Drawing Workshops

The positive feedback about the Nitram samples we supplied - followed by good sales - was a perfect introduction to the first workshop. Helen has agreed to come back again after Christmas to run another session.

Charcoal Drawing Workshops
Charcoal Drawing Workshops

No doubt I will be ordering more supplies soon!


Jane Fisher

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