Charcoal Portrait by a Master

I think every artist has a book collection. I do and there is always one more book out there that needs to join the collection. From large coffee table sized tomes to little books with interesting tidbits that you can savor on a Sunday afternoon.

Recently, I purchased a book recommended to me by the portrait painter Albert Slark - "A Tale of Small Paintings" by Mau-Kun Yim. Little gems of plein aire work by a master oil painter. Really terrific stuff!

At his website I discovered other work by this master that really delighted my eyeballs ;-) - portraits, nudes, still lifes AND some really nice charcoal drawing.

I contacted the artist to do a portrait using Nitram Charcoal.

This is the result:

Thanks for watching.
Jerzy Niedojadlo
Nitram Charcoal

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