Enter to Win: Premium Quality
set of Blockx Oil Paints!

The last day of the NAMTA Art Material trade show in Denver a gentlemen comes over to me and says we have something in common. My mind goes into overdrive. Women? Money? Bad Business Deal... He tells me how he had quit his job at Unilever in Europe and purchased the Blockx business. My expression reveals nothing - because I haven't a clue what he is talking about. He says that he purchased this art material business, much like I did with Nitram, to bring back an excellent product that had been well respected and used by many artists including Salvador Dali.

He hands me a beautiful wooden box of Blockx oil paints. He asks me if I could do something with it to inform artists that Blockx is back.

So I decided to hold this contest and give it away.

Good luck and I hope you win.

~Jerzy Niedojadlo

PS - While in Denver I go to The Tattered Cover bookstore. Great place. While browsing the art section I come across a lovely book of paintings by Edward Hopper. So, back in Canada, I am reading it and admiring his work AND THERE IT IS! Edward Hopper mentions Blockx oil paint in his ledger! Wow! Life is just full of strange coincidences.

ENTER TO WIN! Premium Quality set of Blockx Oil Paints

Enter below where one (1) lucky Winner will receive a selection of Twenty (20) 35 mL tubes of Blockx Premium Quality Oil Paints.

First Prize Winner will receive Twenty (20) 35 mL tubes of Premium Quality Oil Paints.

Five (5) Secondary Prize Winners will receive a Nitram Charcoal T-Shirt and Hat. CLICK HERE TO ENTER  

Enter to Win: Premium Quality set of Blockx Oil Paints!

*See full contest rules and regulations below.

Blockx History

Founded in 1865 by Jacques Blockx I. Blockx Oil Paints are well known worldwide and appreciated by artists for the quality of the extra-fine oil paints. They were the favourite of Salvador Dali and Edward Hopper. Blockx strives to create only the finest quality artists paints, as such, their process involves the traditional method of using traditional stone mills to grind the pigments. This ensures a smooth and flawless formulation. Today, Blockx continues the tradition and offers the best quality products to artists: Oil Colours, Watercolours, Pastels, Pigments, and other fine products.

To learn more please go to http://www.blockx.be

CONTEST RULES & REGULATIONS Limit one (1) entry per person. Please note that Winners names will be drawn at random and notified via email. Odds of winning a prize depend on the total number of eligible entries received. Contest ends June 21, 2015 at 11:59:59pm EST. Winners will be announced by June 24, 2015 Winner must provide valid email, phone number and daytime delivery address.
Nitram Charcoal is not associated with Blockx Oil Paints, and cannot be held responsible for any liability through misuse of the product. Nitram Charcoal will cover cost of shipping, however, the winner is responsible for any custom clearance charges, duties and/or taxes.

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