Featured Artist: Andrew Sanders

I was born in southern California in 1991 and I've lived here my entire life. My parents got me into an oil painting class when I was ten years old, that was when I really began to appreciate art.

I painted for a few months and then I began to explore other mediums. Charcoal quickly became my favorite medium to work with, I love the contrast of dark's and lights you can get, especially when working with Nitram charcoal. In the past I would always draw landscapes because I found portraits very difficult to draw, but lately I've been trying to overcome that fear and move out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Andrew Sanders - Peruvian Women Drawn
Peruvian Women Drawn with Charcoal
Andrew Sanders - Peruvian Child
Peruvian Child Drawn with Charcoal
Andrew Sanders - African Women
African Women Drawn with Charcoal
Andrew Sanders - Peruvian Landscape
Peruvian Landscape Drawn/Painted with Watercolor Pencils View more of Andrew's work or Like him on Facebook.
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