Featured Artist: Blake Blanco

My name is Blake Blanco, I'm a self taught artist based out of Seattle. I started painting in oils and drawing four years ago focusing primarily on painting.

"Birds in Flight" 16.5x11.5in.

"Bird in Flight" 11.5x16.5in.


Recently, I have been exploring setting myself up for failure within my work by placing obstructions upon myself in order to develop my problem solving skills and stumble into new ways of working. Having adopted this way of working, I decided to create a body of work that targeted my biggest weakness - drawing.

"Bison in Motion" 11.5x16.5in.

"Tiger in Motion" 11.5x16.5in.


My obstructions were to create work with my weakest medium (charcoal), only use charcoal blocks, and to destroy the image after it was rendered. I grabbed the pack of Nitram Charcoal that I hadn't used in a year out of frustration and started drawing. I immediately realized that drawing with Nitram is extremely similar to oil painting and fell in love with how forgiving the charcoal is. Nitram Charcoal offers the finest, most even distribution of particles and can be effortlessly lifted when necessary. These drawings are the product of Eadweard Muybridge photography, my bad habits, and quality that only Nitram can offer.

"Handstand" 16.5x11.5in.

"Hip Toss" 10x10in.


My goal is to continue making work in an oblivious almost childlike manner and utilize accidental techniques I learn in all other mediums in my practice. This project was the most barrier breaking experience I've had with creation and destruction and it wouldn't have occurred without Nitram. See more of Blake's work by following him on Instagram. CLICK HERE.

"Woman in dress" 16.5x11.5in.

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