Featured Artist: Britta Noresten

Britta is in her second year at Florence Academy of Art Sweden where she is also a Teacher's Assistant in Drawing.

Britta studied Art in highschool in Gothenburg, Sweden, and later took a prepatory art course in New Zealand where she lived for 1 year. She also studied Art History at the University of Gothenburg, where she recieved a Bachelor's Degree in Economics.

Before starting at the Florence Academy of Art, her main artistic interest was Modernism. However once she broadened her horizons and learned more about realistic art, she learned to appreciate art in a whole new way.

Britta Noresten

Ribera Master Copy - charcoal and white chalk on grey Roma paper

Britta Noresten

Charcoal, Ballpoint pen and Pastel

Britta Noresten

Charcoal on paper

flying pigeons

Charcoal and white chalk

If you would like to see more of Britta's work, please visit: http://britta.tumblr.com/ or http://instagram.com/brittanoresten

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