Featured Artist: Jenny Linn Loveland

Jenny Linn Loveland Painter-Teacher and Writer Jenny Linn Loveland is a painter who has taught for more than ten years. Her artistic life began in the fifth grade as a result of a long illness that kept her bedridden.

Recently, she started teaching at Christopher Newport University's Lifelong Learning Society. She especially enjoys teaching and supporting students' development. Her work is displayed online at Jenny Linn Loveland Fine Art Studio.com and at the American Pride Automotive Showroom, Yorktown. Her work is held in private collections in CA, FL, MD, and VA.

Jenny Linn Loveland

Audrey Charcoal on Watercolor Paper, 16x12

Jenny Linn Loveland

Young Woman Charcoal on Paper, 24x18

For more of Jenny's work, please visit her website: www.jennylinnloveland.fineartstudioonline.com

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