Featured Artist: Jerzy Niedojadlo

These are two pieces that came from a trip to Normandy, France this past September.

Jerzy Niedojadlo

This first piece is called – The Threat Has Passed.
This was a winding road in the Calvados region of Normandy.
The three trees and the road arrangement intrigued me.
It was a nice sunny day, but I thought that would be too boring.
So I changed it to something a little more dramatic.  

Jerzy Niedojadlo

This piece is called – The Cliffs at Etretat.
The little town of Etretat is located in the Pays de Caux, on the coast of Normandy called The Alabaster Coast.
This area was made famous by Monet who painted many seascapes of the cliffs including “The Manneporte”.
The Manneporte is a HUGE natural arch that looks like an elephant trunk!
I went down the beach in the other direction and saw this intriguing cleft in the rock face.
All done with Nitram Charcoal – of course.

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