Featured Artist: John Cerullo

John Cerullo is a self taught artist living in Toronto, Canada. John studied art history in college and is a member of the Canadian Artist Society. He is also represented by the Parkdale Gallery in Ottawa.

I work in the medium of charcoal powder. I grind my own charcoal and apply it on paper with brushes. I've always liked charcoal as an art tool. It is simple and there are so many different ways it can be used.  

John Cerullo

A Rose

This drawing was inspired by my friend. She likes simple things so I drew this flower for her. A simple flower just for her.

Ballerina 3

Ballerina 3

This drawing is a tribute to one of my favourite artists, Degas. I was always inspired by his depictions of ballerinas. I want mine to dance across the paper just like his danced on the canvas.

Boy in Water

Boy in Water

This is my latest drawing. I like using the same model in different drawings. I used the same boy in my drawing called "Two Women Bathers." Repetition is a theme that I like to explore.

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