Featured Artist: Milixa Morón

Milixa is a fine artist and realist painter, devoted to the resurgence and preservation of representational painting in art.

Milixa Morón

 She has a wide range of sources of inspiration, including symbolism, mythology of different cults, religions or cultures, universal symbols, universal beliefs, psychological behavior, and stories or people from history that left an important reflection or thought. Milixa drives to paint these kind of themes not only because she likes them but also because she loves the feeling they transmit - their knowledge, their pain or agony, their power, their mystery.

Milixa Morón

 Milixa strives to create an unforgettable iconic image whose narrative and gaze transcend time, location, gender, culture, ethnicity, predisposition and the like.

Milixa Morón

 Being inspired everyday, she loves painting different forms, colors and textures in her still life and representing the figure and portraits doing her best to capture the personality of the sitter.


Along with her husband, Milixa founded the Chiaroscuro Studio of Art. You can view student work HERE. If you would like to see more work from Milixa, please visit her website: www.milixamoron.com Save Save Save Save Save

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