Express Yourself: Shane Wolf

Self portrait titled, "39!" by Shane Wolf

"39!" by Shane Wolf, 75 x 60 cm, Nitram Charcoal on paper.


“I have been using Nitram charcoal since my Angel Academy days back in 2005 and I have never looked back! Nitram's charcoal is quite simply the most fluid, most consistent and I must say the most elegant charcoal around.

Since most of my charcoal work is life-size or larger, I absolutely love using the bâtons épais, demi bâton de saule and the bloc de saule; their various thicknesses get the job done with accuracy and efficiency and are malleable enough to make modifications on the go and keep freshness in my work.

I always work uniquely from life and my self-portraits such as this are my "playgrounds": hours sitting in front of a mirror, allowing me to get a little crazy with expressions that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve with a model… and I'm always laughing throughout the whole process!”

~ Shane Wolf

Image of Nitram bâtons épais, demi bâtons de saule and bloc de saule


Photo of Shane Wolf posing in front of his artworkShane Wolf is a direct heir of the Italian Renaissance: the representation of the human body in all its realism and glory. There is something magical that gives life and such striking resemblance to Shane's works of art: they no longer appear to be just a simple representation, but part of a unique reality placed within our grasp. This realism is epitomized by the fact that Shane only works from live models—a millennia tradition that has become very rare amongst contemporary artists. In his own words, "Working from Life should be priority number one. Everything else flows from there."

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