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"Fast Break" 36" x 48" triptych, Nitram Liquid Charcoal on canvas

"Fast Break" 36" x 48" triptych, Nitram Liquid Charcoal on canvas


“My work is inspired by the American West – the raw emotions and movement found in the western landscape and in the animals, but also in the wild personalities of turn-of-the-century Rocky Mountain pioneers.

There is a raw honesty in my work, revealed by numerous corrections and revisions left evident in the final product. My work isn't about perfection.My marks tell a story of anxiety, struggle, and awkwardness, but they are counterbalanced with moments of refinement.

Though sophisticated in composition, my work centers on the very primitive and biological essence of Western life. I've been looking at a lot of cave paintings lately, Lascaux, Altamira, and Chauvet – I feel a kinship with the artists that created them over 40,000 years ago.

Even the majority of the materials I use are the same as our ancestors used – charcoal. In my latest work, I have been working extensively with Nitram Liquid Charcoal. The immediacy and rawness transcend the medium, breathing oxygen into each work. It's honest, messy and carries a weight when I need it to.”

~ Taryn Boals

Photo of Taryn BoalsTaryn Boals was born in the small town of Orangeville, Illinois surrounded by farmland, horses, and open skies. Boals earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montana State University in 2008 followed by an MFA in Painting from Northern Illinois University in 2012. She currently draws inspiration from the sweeping vistas surrounding her home near Jackson Hole, Wyoming where she lives. She is represented by Foxtrot Fine Art in Idaho and Visions West Contemporary in Montana and Colorado. tarynboalsart.com | Instagram: @tarynboalsfineart

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  • Taryn is an amazing talent. Her work is incredible…

    Tom Banks

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