Final Shipment

Well, there it is, Daniel straps down the last pallet. That's three pallets in total and Daniel estimates 300,000+ batons destined for Canada.
Daniel and 300,000+ batons of Nitram
All things must come to an end so here is my last lunch at Natalie's. A little quiche with a Cote du Rhone to take the edge off the morning.
Quiche with a Cote du Rhone
Followed by one of my favourites - tripe. My mom's was better - but only by a little bit. Very hearty, delicious and satisfying since the cold weather moved in.
3 types of cheese (as usual) and a little creamy dessert with coffee.
Natalie sees us off. I think she will miss me. I always sang the praises of the food at Le Petit Auberge.
Natalie at the Le Petit Auberge
This pic gives you an idea of the lovely scenery in Bourgogne.
Scenery in Bourgogne
I drove every day for 30 minutes from my hotel to the Nitram workshop. I saw deer, fox, rabbits and even a wild boar. How cool is that! More later - cheers and thanks Natalie. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

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