Life Drawing by Florent Farges using Nitram Charcoal

Watch as Florent Farges, a classically trained artist from France, creates this stunning life drawing using many different forms of Nitram Charcoal. From the Nitram Soft Rounds (a great alternative to Nitram B) through to the Nitram bâton. 

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Music : Coraçao que sente, Ernesto Nazareth.

Played and edited by Alexandre Sorel (used with permission of the author).

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More about Florent:

Florent Farges is an artist living and working in Dijon, Burgundy, France. At a young age, he was interested in the arts and made the decision to learn the techniques of the old masters. When he became a student, he realized that there was not an art school in France that would provide the kind of traditional teachings he was looking for. When he realized he had to be his own teacher, he started drawing from the pieces at the Louvre, copying Bargue's plates and reading through books of the nineteenth century. Later in his life, he was able to join the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA). Since then, he works on his projects, painting and drawing in Dijon, sharing his knowledge during workshops and on his Youtube channel.

Florent Farges
Florent Farges


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  • Hi Florent, I really enjoy your videos and the stars painting. Quite beautiful. A sorcerer, a woman of fire, a scared protected child and a couple seeking the infinite.. Extraordinary. I am a beginner artist. Perhaps, I can study with you. Best. Bobby By the way, your work will be in museums

    Bobby Elliott

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