When Found was Lost

A number of years ago, our neighbour's daughter brought home two cats that had been abandoned. They were a sorry pair, tired, wet and hungry. Who could resist? The family decided to adopt. They spent the money to get them "medically into shape" and gave them a nice home.

They named the cats – Lost and Found.

Seems appropriate and everything was fine until last night Found did not come home. The neighbours were distraught and did ask that we keep an eye out for them.

So… now… Found is lost.

Lost was never lost because he is still Lost at home because Found is the one that is not at home and lost.

Lost is lost without Found.

Found is lost and feeling lost without Lost.

Finally Found was found and is now not lost but is with Lost.

Lost and Found are happily together again and no longer lost, but definitely found ;-)  

When Found was Lost

To Quote J.R.R. Tolkien... Not all those who wander are lost ;-)

- Jerzy Niedojadlo

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