When in France...

Recently, I HAD to go to France on some business for Nitram. I have to admit to being a creature of habit - at least when it comes to creature comforts. After checking into the hotel - ALWAYS my first priority is picking up some wine, a baguette, some cheese and - if I am feeling a little peckish - a local saucisson to round out a nice light snack. A way of entering a country through your stomach if you will.
Tavel is cooling nicely on the window sill.

Pictured here is a view of the hotel I am staying in.
Can you see which is my room?
Look closely.
Hint - the Tavel is cooling nicely on the window sill.
A modest little wine with "Bourgogne" overtones ;-)))).

And here is the first simple repast. The fresh from the Boulangerie baguette - nicely crisp, The Artisanal Saucisson, which danced a medieval fling on my tongue, followed by the Rosé which "allemanded" all that lovely food for further investigation right into my stomach. For this Bon Vivant - Delicieux! I swear that eating French food improves my French vocabulary! Cheers from France.

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