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drawing and painting with Nitram Liquid Charcoal

“Hederacea”, 42 in. x 60 in., Liquid charcoal on canvas


“My work centers around feelings of sentimentality, nostalgia, and the memory of places within the natural world that once played a larger role in my life, before we digitized our lives completely. I aim to spark conversations about those experiences and how to incorporate them back into our lives.

I love using Nitram Liquid Charcoal for its ability to blend the best qualities of drawing and painting into one hybrid form. My work is directly inspired by nature, and the fluid aspect of Nitram Liquid Charcoal helps me to capture organic, life-like forms with ease.”

~ Grace Worley

Grace Worley is a painter born and raised in the Greater Cleveland/Akron Metropolitan Area of Ohio. She is currently a third-year MFA degree candidate at Ohio University in the Painting + Drawing program. Her work has been exhibited throughout Ohio and across the United States. Since 2021, her work has been featured at the Swope Art Museum (Terre Haute, IN), Wild Goose Creative (Columbus, OH), Manifest Gallery (Cincinnati, OH), Don Drumm Studios & Gallery (Akron, OH), and the Springfield Museum of Art (Springfield, OH.) | Instagram:

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