Hisako Hoshino & The Academy of Figurative Arts

Please enjoy this short clip of Hisako Tatiana Hoshino working on this portrait with Nitram Charcoal at The Academy of Figurative Arts
Video courtesy of Hisako Hoshino & The Academy of Figurative Arts
The Academy of Figurative Arts Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/academyoffigurativearts/


photo of Hisako Tatiana Hoshino holding Nitram charcoal standing in front of a charcoal portrait of a live model

“Camila” by Hisako Tatiana Hoshino, Size: A3, Nitram Charcoal on paper.


“I drew this portrait from life with Nitram Charcoal in three sessions. It was completed as part of my training at the Academy of Figurative Arts.

Nitram Charcoal enables me to create artworks of excellent finish and quality. Its remarkable versatility and various hardnesses allows me to achieve precise results in capturing the finer details, enhancing mid-tones and maintaining compressed shadows.

I particularly enjoyed using Nitram Charcoal for portrait drawings with live models, as it enables me to achieve a refined and high-quality finish in my works of art.”

~ Hisako Tatiana Hoshino

Hisako Tatiana Hoshino, a Bolivian-Japanese graduate in Architecture, studied at the Universidad Católica Boliviana (UCB) in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Always passionate about art and painting, she decided to pursue a two-year diploma in Drawing and Painting at the Academy of Figurative Arts. Currently, she continues to specialize and devotes herself entirely to figurative painting.

Instagram: @hisakohoshino.art

photo of The Academy of Figurative Arts in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The Academy of Figurative Arts was established in 2021 by renowned artists Bezalel Maida (Director of the painting program) and Arturo Suman (Director of the Drawing program). It is a distinguished institution affiliated with the Roca Gravato Foundation, a prominent arts foundation in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

At the Academy of Figurative Arts, drawing serves as the foundational pillar of instruction. Once the students grasp the fundamentals of drawing, they proceed to explore the realms of painting or sculpture. The curriculum encompasses a wide range of knowledge, including color theory, material handling, European methodologies, anatomy & etcetera following techniques passed down by the great masters.

The academy's primary objective is to equip aspiring artists with the necessary tools to become professionals. By instilling a comprehensive understanding of drawing, painting, and sculpture, students are empowered to express their ideas and artistic projects with a distinctive voice, free from any limitations that stem from an inadequate grasp of the fundamentals.

AFF's Instagram: @academyoffigurativearts

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