How Does Nitram Measure Up for Artists with Disabilities?

Rebecca Louise Saunders recently took the time to review our soft charcoal products. Her comprehensive review not only covers what makes Nitram a superior charcoal, it also provides information that may be important to artists with disabilities and/or allergies that retailers may not be aware of.  

How Does Nitram Measure Up for Artists with Disabilities?

Rebecca's Artwork and Reviews: Nitram Extra Soft Fine Art Charcoal

Nitram charcoal, kindly sent to me for testing their new Nitram Soft Drawing range of charcoals. It is very exciting for me, because I love their Akademie range.


  1. Does not crumble under pressure
  2. Dark and light shades can be achieved, not just grey, but blackest black
  3. No knots or scratching of the paper, easy flow
  4. Nitram Soft still maintains its crispness of original Nitram charcoal
  5. Expressive work is achieved very easily
  6. Nitram Soft gives you a professional look
  7. Less pressure is needed to make marks with Nitram Soft, so no wrist strain
  8. CLEAN to use, I do not like having filthy hands when using charcoal, but with Nitram charcoal (original and soft), your hands do not get so filthy, slightly dirty, but nothing like they would if you used other brands.
  9. Still maintains its crispness of Akadamie charcoal

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