How to Choose the Perfect Subject Matter for Drawing

Though for some people, it seems easy to figure out what to draw- for others, it can be hard. This is particularly true for many students, just getting into free drawing after a period of instruction. When in classes and being directed as to what to sketch- it’s a little easier than free drawing. Though I have always been able to pick up a pencil and just begin sketching, my partner, Holly, often goes through extended blocks where she has trouble. I have seen this with her, and other artists enough to believe that it’s not an indication of talent, but rather, sometimes, an overwhelming perfectionism.
How to Choose the Perfect Subject Matter for Drawing

Any number of things can make it a little difficult to decide what it is you’re going to draw. However, there are a few things that you can do that can help this.

If you’re still a student, it’s a good idea to look around for subjects nearby. Remember when you’re doing this that you’re trying to help yourself to develop your skills as an artist. So, working with still life composition is a good first step. While you’ve probably seen countless bowls of fruit, try instead, drawing a bowl filled with textured items. Nuts, different types of balls, rolls of fabric, those are all great variations on the common theme. Another way to challenge yourself will be a good way to practice.

Additionally, you can draw people you know. Though most people find it easier to draw from photos, drawing from live models can be a challenge that proves to be a fantastic learning experience.

As you do grow in your talents, then, you can begin to tailor things more to your personal tastes. This helps you to develop your own personal style in your artwork, and it can also be where you bring your voice to it. Religious beliefs, political statements, social attitudes and other things can be brought effectively into your charcoal sketches. As you develop, you learn to do so in a subtle way that lends itself to an effective form of self expression and statement.

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