I have been working so hard...

Well here it is - the first of 3 pallets of Nitram bound for Canada. Daniel, however, is not bound for Canada.
Daniel and Nitram
But his better half did prepare a lovely lunch to celebrate. First a well rounded white wine (Sancerre) that reminded me of a German Rhine wine. A little fruity - I was amused by its impertinence.
Sancerre - well rounded white wine
A Pate de Canard - ridiculously delicious. I was quoting religion part way through my first bite.
Pate de Canard
A fish soup appeared and silence reigned the table - although the odd slurp could be heard.
Fish Soup
Fromage? Bien sur (of course) i just learned that phrase so feel compelled to use it.
Cheese Plate
A little Belgian Endive with olive oil, dijon mustard and balsamic (for the ateries)
Belgian Endive with olive oil, dijon mustard and balsamic
Accompanied by a subtle Beaujolais that kept asking to be sipped. I complied - dutifully.
Desert - d'accord! Another choice little phrase. Homemade Apple Cake with homemade custard.
Homemade Apple Cake
Getting close to the end. But Monday, Daniel has promised a special treat at Natalie's. It took a week to reserve and takes several days to prepare... Au revoir.

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