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My first car, that I actually purchased, was a brand new
1970 Toyota Corolla Coupe. 4 speed manual transmission, bucket seats, sporty little thing. A poor man's babe magnet!

Loved the car, except for one small thing -
when it rained - it stalled.

To my increasing frustration this happened many times.

I went to the dealership and their solution was that I purchase this rubber nipple looking thing to put on the distributor cap.

I was furious - accusing the Japanese designers of
creating a car for the Sahara Desert!

I bit the bullet and purchased the rubber nipple looking thing.

Several weeks later, I am driving in the rain
and the car stalls - AGAIN!

Now I am really pissed!

I walk, through the rain to the nearest Toyota dealership
and deliver a blue streak of invectives about the car.

They tow the car in. Do the inspection and deliver the news.

I had run out of gas.

I was exasperated at my own stupidity.
I still blamed them for setting me up with the
stalling in the rain rubber nipple looking thing solution!

So let's fast forward to today.
I am trying to log into my iCloud account.
My password keeps getting rejected.
I try all my passwords and none of them work.

Exasperated, I get Pat to come over and take a look
at the effing thing!

She takes a look and the delivers the news.

I had spelled my account login as iClod.

Somehow, it just seemed fitting...

Those who cannot learn from history
are doomed to repeat it.

Jerzy Niedojadlo

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