Is Nitram Better than Willow Charcoal for Those with Allergies?

Rebecca Louise Saunders, our talented featured artist of July, recently updated us about her surprising discovery about Nitram. Unlike willow charcoal, she does not have an allergic reaction to Nitram. Read her message below:

Good morning,

I just wanted to let you know that I think I've found the trick to the Charcoal tests I did, and you featured on your blog. It is the smooth paper with the Nitram Charcoal that makes the marks you make, stick better to the paper, so, when water is washed all over the finished picture, you do not lose your drawing.

I disliked charcoal before I found out about Nitram charcoal, and now, I will always have Nitram charcoal in my art supplies.

Also I've found I am not allergic to it, the willow charcoal makes my eyes stream, and I thought Nitram charcoal would be no different. But I was wrong, no allergies at all, and permanent drawings with it.

Have a good day
Yours sincerely

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