Jose Beteta

Watch as Jose Beteta creates this powerful portrait using a variety of Nitram products.

Art: “Portrait for Misha Dubiaha”, 100 cm x 70 cm, Charcoal on Guarro Basik paper, 370 gr
Video courtesy of Jose Beteta (Artist/Photographer), Misha Dubiaha (Model) & Generation Models (Agency)
Music: Female Ethnic Vocal Epic Fantasy by CARLOS ESTELLA


“Portrait for Misha Dubiaha”, 100 cm x 70 cm, Charcoal on Guarro Basik paper, 370 gr


“My work in charcoal is connected to my vision and style as a fashion photographer. It is the continuity of that line that allows me to exploit and merge both facets and that helps me to see things in a different way.

I love working with Nitram Charcoal. The quality is superior to any conventional charcoal. Its strength allows me to put in a lot of details and strokes in my work. I love the range of hardness from H to B+. The grayscale offered by Nitram is infinite. Before starting to work with the charcoal sticks, I like to first stain the paper surface with Nitram Powdered Charcoal; I use a sponge and brush. And to finish, I love to play with textures and even use solvents such as acetone in my work.

In portraits, I try to enhance the gaze by conveying strength and evoke emotions in the beholder so that they can immerse themselves into the work. I leave lines and brushstrokes visible to give the work a greater power of immersion. Art is our most powerful weapon with which we can create a better world for everyone.”

~ Jose Beteta

 Jose Beteta is Andalusian, a native of a small town in Jaén. He is 35 years old and is currently developing his professional work in Madrid. Jose began his training in painting and drawing academies. Later he deepened his studies through the Baccalaureate of Art. A few years ago, thanks to his artistic perspective, he won a scholarship for the International Fashion Master, which completed his training in the field of fashion photography with international publications such as Marie Claire, Harpers Baazar, Numéro, among others. In recent times he has combined teaching in his own painting academy and working as a fashion photographer. He is currently working on a large format charcoal series of fashion portraits. | 

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  • Beautiful work, such emotion , I love it .

    Can I buy the paper you use as well as the charcoal

    Gay carlisle

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