What the Knees See and What the Eyes Saw and the Pot of Gold at Rainbow's End.

It is an early January morning in Frankfurt. Still dark. I am trudging across the Messe Frankfurt Platz on my way to get the Nitram booth ready for another day at the CreativeWorld Trade Show. I am thinking about the next newsletter and that I really need to get a bunch of "smiling face pictures" at the booth of all the new clients and customers for the next newsletter. Hmmm... Boring....

As I am and thinking these great thoughts I stare down at my shoes - left right, left right and I muse about the world down there around my feet.

The world that my knees see.

So I decide that today, at the Nitram booth, I am going to pay attention to what is below the knees - people's shoes! This is not exactly exciting stuff, but I thought it would be interesting for all of you to meet all the shoes that my knees met on this particular morning at the show.

So here goes...

Knees See
I had a lovely chat with Dr. Abdul Hameed Al Rubbah from Kuwait. Educated in Miami, USA. Very knowledgeable about art and really liked the Yim Mau Kun video. He liked my charcoal drawings and Nitram charcoal so much that he gave me his cell phone number and suggested I drop by if I am in the neighborhood - how wonderfully generous.
Ruth Wachowiak from Blick
Here is Ruth Wachowiak from Blick. She loved the Sharpening Bloc so much that she took one with her.
Knees See
This is Rajesh Goenka our new distributor in India. Very polite and gentle man who does Yoga and meditates every day.
Knees See
This is Tatania and George from Natural Pigments. Always a pleasure to see them and she always dresses in knockout outfits. I was asking George how he can afford to keep her in the style to which she has become accustomed ;-)
Knees See
Our new distributor in Norway - Global Hobby og kunst. Alf Christian Falck placed a large order right after the show and less than a week later placed another order - my kind a guy. It's those long Norwegian winter nights with nothing to do but charcoal drawings! Thank you Alf and keep up the good work. (PS - No Paul - Nitram is not made from Norwegian Wood!).
László Pintér and Istvan Balázs from Hungary
Our new distributor in Hungary - Art Center A művészt ellátó! This is the Manager László Pintér and the Owner Istvan Balázs. Their first order has shipped and we are waiting for Hungary to Rock and Charcoal!
Knees See
Our favorite Canadian West Coast Art Supply Shops – Opus. This is David van Berckel – El Supremo no less! He liked the new Sharpening Bloc as well.
Knees See
As the day wears on – shoes do get a little boring. So I decided to look up and saw a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Knees See

This is Ekatarina Zolotova. What a feast for the eyes... She is originally from Russia. The gold reference? Her last name means Gold – wow!

Charcoal can be so much fun!

Ciao for now.

Jerzy Niedojadlo

Nitram Arts Inc.

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