New work from Marco Campos

Enjoy this new video of contemporary figurative painter Marco Campos using Nitram Fusain Aquarelle in his painting "Peaceful Thoughts".

Video Credit: Marco Campos
Music: Chopin: Nocturne In E Flat Major, Op. 9 No. 2 by germanrecords


“Peaceful Thoughts” 22 x 30 inches, Nitram Aquarelle on Arches Paper


“People always say that one of the reasons why watercolour is so hard,is because you ‘can’t make any mistakes’.

Along comes Nitram with their Aquarelle, a very low-staining watercolour made with Nitram charcoal. Since you can easily lift it up with a wet brush, it gives you all the freedom you need to create your best work. When it dries it doesn’t smudge, acting as if it had been sealed. And wait until you see the richness of blacks you can achieve with it!

It’s no wonder that Nitram charcoal has always been and continues to be the top choice for ateliers and academies around the world.”

~ Marco Campos

Marco Campos (b. 1978) is a contemporary figurative painter in Costa Rica, who works primarily in oil painting, watercolour, and charcoal, among other mediums. His work pursues a contemporary realism achieved mainly by slight shifts of hues and tonal values, always trying to maintain a fine balance between careful details and loose brushstrokes. Marco’s art is heavily inspired by the works of the Old Masters, and is also notable for evoking strong emotions such as nostalgia, calmness, or sadness. Recently, the International Guild of Realism gave Marco's work the 'Best of Show' award at their 16th annual exhibition. Instagram: @marco.campos.artist

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  • Oh my god, this just what I’d love to create n I’m in my early 60’s… I have to see more work from this man .. n learn bout Nitram charcoal … OMG I’m so buzzed up after seeing this … wonderful.

    Jim Byrne

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