"Back from the Brink", 2022, by Miriam Innes

Art: “Back from the Brink”, 2022, by Miriam Innes on display at the Oceans by Meriton
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Back from the Brink by Miriam Innes

“Back from the Brink”, 2022, by Miriam Innes on display at the Oceans by Meriton


Humpback whales were hunted to the brink of extinction in the 1970’s. However, in 2022 they were removed from Australia's threatened-species list. This large perennial wall drawing by Miriam Innes is a celebration of conservation, survival and safe guarding their future.

“Working with Nitram Bloc de Saule, Maxi, & Demi Bâtons is ideal for working on such large scale drawings. The versatility of the Nitram charcoal offers a wide range of application techniques. The shape and width of Nitram large format charcoal provides continuous coverage without compromising on tonal differentiation. Its durability and strength can withstand breakage and excessive shedding while working directly onto the surface of the wall."

~ Miriam Innes

Nitram Large Format Charcoals

Miriam Innes

Miriam Innes is best known for her large, dynamic, charcoal drawings. Her work explores the natural material of charcoal and its relationship together with, and in man-made environments. As an Irish artist, who resides in Australia, Innes relates to charcoal, her primary medium and draws parallels to it with the black bog oak found in the area where she grew up. As a child she drew pictures with it; her experience of drawing with charcoal is a reminder of her origins, connection to the land and a representation of her humble upbringing.

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