My Campus Education?

Recently Nitram Charcoal exhibited at NAMTA (Art Materials Trade Show) in Houston, Texas. It is an opportunity to meet retailers, distributors and the occasional artist.

NAMTA had decided to pool its exhibit space with CAMEX (Campus Market Expo).

First, I did not know that the Campus bookstore business was such a big deal. But the fact that there are 3,000+ campus bookstores throughout the US makes it a big market. I did spend some time walking around the CAMEX exhibits. Most exhibits were geared towards the "noneducational" student activities.

Here are a few pictures to prove it.


Student's just aren't drinking enough Scotch these days - big opportunity!

Everyone gets lonely, especially after Scotch ;-)

A second choice for a bunk buddy ONLY if it is your Alma Mater Teddy? This last visual puzzles me a little.


Who needs an education more - the sellers or the buyers? PS - I did find a display with real books in it... At the show - A FIRST! - Patricia sold her first painting!


AND she even got a commission for another master copy! Can my life of leisure be far behind? Cheers, Jerzy Niedojadlo

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