Back from the NAMTA Show

We had a wonderful time at the NAMTA Show.

Nitram at the NAMTA Show

Many retailers and artists were ecstatic that Nitram had returned.

Darin Rinnie of Wet Paint Inc. ( brought his last 2 sticks of the old Nitram Fusians to compare. He wanted to make sure that the new was as good as the old. He declared that the new was slightly better! AND that the price per baton was slightly better than before!

Wet Paint placed an order for immediate delivery.

Great news for die-hard fans of Nitram Fine Art Charcoal.

Nitram Packaging

Steven L. Aufhauser of Continental Art Supplies ( said he actually “squealed” when he found out that Nitram would be at the show. He immediately placed an order.

Meanwhile, some other retailers said “Nitram who?”

Cannot win them all, but give us time.

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