New work from Nic De Jesus

Enjoy this video of Nic De Jesus's charcoal drawing “Strandfontein, West Coast, South Africa - I”.
Video courtesy of Nic De Jesus


“Strandfontein, West Coast, South Africa - I”, 47 x 57 cm, Nitram Liquid Charcoal, Nitram Académie Fusains (H, HB & B) and Pastel on Fabriano Artistico HP - 640 gsm


“As I swam out from the sandy shores of Strandfontein, a stretch of South Africa's West Coast threatened by the exploration of economically exploitable minerals, the sobering reality that 'progress' continues to reshape vulnerable ecosystems weighed me down.

Looking back at the coast, my hope is for policymakers to prioritize restoration and preservation efforts, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same natural wonders that I have been fortunate enough to experience.

With the expressive potential of liquid charcoal, I can employ a wider range of techniques in my work. By combining considered, dry charcoal rendering with intuitive, liquid charcoal brushwork, my hope is that I learn even more about this elusive feeling that lures me to my subjects. I'm particularly drawn to the unique viscosity of liquid charcoal, which allows for a distinctive dry brush effect that adds texture and depth to my work.”

~ Nic De Jesus

Nic De Jesus is a South African artist born in 1984. Nic is a self-taught artist who began as a surfer and photographic assistant. With drawing and painting becoming even more prevalent in his life, he left home to broaden his view of the world and art history while deepening his connection with his own work.

Before returning to South Africa, Nic’s solo exhibition Mare Incognitum explored themes of metamorphosis, death, and dislocation through his drawings of seascapes and skies. This exhibition marked a turning point for Nic and set him on a path of continued artistic exploration and growth.

His practice meditates on the delicate relationship between humanity and the coastal environment. Drawing on his personal connection with the sea and his belief in landscapes as a repository of memories, by combining these two forces he unlocks gateways into the imagination.

Nic is Based in Cape Town, South Africa, where he continues to work.

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