New Film: A Light In The Valley with Nic De Jesus

In 2016, artist Nic De Jesus began a year-long artist in residence program, at Saltmarsh Farmhouse – a 16th century country house in the Cuckmere Valley to investigate a new body of work titled, A Light in the Valley. International award winning cinematographer and director, Mark Waters, collaborated with Nic to create this beautiful documentary about exploring the potential we have within ourselves - filmed in ultra high-definition (4K).

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About Mark Waters:

Mark didn’t set out to be a filmmaker, but a passionate traveler who just happened to carry a camera. To celebrate his love for new worlds and life experiences, he began creating personal film projects that helped develop a style of movie-making that is characterized by a plainspoken perspective with great idiosyncratic talent for contemporary storytelling.

About Nic De Jesus:

After honing his craft as a Staff Photographer and Art Director for a magazine in his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa, Nic emigrated to London in 2007. He spent the next few years focused on photography while nourishing his skills as a draughtsman.
Surrender - Nic De Jesus
Nic now works as an artist with a focus on drawing and painting. His work is in private collections around the world. Nic continues to work on his collections – Mare Incognitum, Terra Incognitum & A Light In The Valley.

Workshops in Cape Town, South Africa:

The Italian Art Shop Demo - December 16, 2017 A demonstration that explores the fundamentals of Nic's practice as he develops his recent body of work 'A Light In the Valley.'
Nic De Jesus

 Outdoor Charcoal Drawing - December 17, 2017 Drawing the Sea & Sky in Charcoal in Cape Town at the beautiful Camps Bay Tidal Pools. Developing a Body of Work: A Light in the Valley Case Study - January 6, 2018 Nic shares his experience of working in oils and charcoal, his charcoal techniques, keeping a sketchbook, note taking, working from his field studies, reference and how he begins his studio drawings and paintings for final exhibition. Outdoor Oil Painting Basics Workshop - January 13, 2018 Learn oil painting in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. This workshop is for students of all levels. Explore the process of outdoor oil painting stage by stage with the guidance of Nic.

Nic De Jesus

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