After Experimenting with Various Drawing Tools ...

Nitram bâton review by Nic De Jesus

Drawing Tools

"After experimenting with various drawing tools I have now settled on a handful that work for my practice. The Nitram bâton is one of them. The bâton’s simple, elegant design reminds me to slow down and enter the next phase of my work. It offers a completely different experience from when I start out — a more fluid and controlled execution while still retaining the original energy of the composition." - Nic De Jesus

Drawing Tools

Inspired by surfing and traversing the coastlines of his South African homeland, Nic De Jesus' drawings reflect the complex relationship between land, sea and sky; harmony and tension. Nic is currently shaping cantos 3 and 4 of Mare Incognitum - a major body of work exploring his kinship with the ocean.He lives in Brighton, UK and continues to work along the English coastlines.

For more information on the Nitram bâton, please visit: To puchase the Nitram bâton and Nitram Mignonette, please visit: or


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