Nicholas Beer & Sarum Studio School of Fine Art, Salisbury UK


Nicholas Beer

Nicholas Beer working on “Drawing of Kit”, Nitram Charcoal on Fabriano Roma Paper, 66 cm x 48 cm

Nitram Assortment Front


“I have been using Nitram for over thirty years since I first went to study at the Cecil Studios in Florence in 1991. I soon became the senior studio assistant, teaching in Florence for over twenty years until 2013. I had originally founded the Sarum Studio as a school that ran part time courses when I was not in Italy, but in 2013 the Sarum Studio became a full-time school, the first of its kind in the UK.

I was responsible for encouraging the Compleat Artist in Salisbury to becomethe first shop in the UK to stock Nitram charcoal back in the late nineties. It is far superior to regular charcoal because it is graded according to hardness, which means that it can be sharpened to a point for fine work, and because it yields a full value range with rich velvety darks.”

~ Nicholas Beer, Founder & Director of the Sarum Studio

Nitram Assortment charcoal sticks

The Nitram Assortment contains
2 x 5mm H, 2 x 5mm HB, 2 x 5mm B and 2 x 6mm B+ charcoal.

Photo of Sarum Studio

Nicholas Beer is the author of 'On Sight-size Portraiture' which is the definitive guide to sight-size portrait painting, and which includes the original history of the method. He is tremendously proud of what the staff and students have achieved at the Sarum Studio. Set in the beautiful environs of Salisbury Cathedral Close, the Studio is an independent school of fine art committed to the practice of drawing and painting from life using the Sight-size method. | Instagram: @sarumstudio


  • Great class today Nick thank you

  • Hi Nick, Stuart here. My first name is Kim but I use my second name to avoid confusion when it comes to life modelling. I posed for you in May this year and this is just to say that I am happy to do another five day session next year in the spring or early summer if you are interested. Regards.


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