Nitram Charcoal, The Mennonites & The BBQ

It has taken nearly a year to build and put the final touches on the new Nitram manufacturing facilities in Mennonite country.

A steak BBQ seemed appropriate to thank all those involved. The many Mennonite builders and trades people that were involved were joined by the staff from Nitram’s office.

I wanted to especially thank Brian Padfield – a local Real Estate broker I had met many years ago. I called him to help me find property to build the Nitram plant.

He actually came up with the idea of Nitram partnering with the Mennonites to manufacture the charcoal. I am grateful to him – it certainly made the entire Nitram set up a lot easier. As you can see Levi (left) was busy watching the ducks.

We all ate well and toasted the new facilities with a terrific homemade herbal tea that Peter’s wife Fern made. The homemade pies (apple, blueberry and three berry) were just marvelous. It was a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon. 

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