NITRAM Goes Lo-Tech & Hi-Tech

We needed to purchase a band saw to cut the large pieces of wood that we receive from the lumber mill. New saws were very expensive!

I asked Levi to look into what was available within the Mennonite community.

The new Nitram saw

Just take a look at this wonderful piece of Lo-Tech machinery. It stands nearly 9 feet tall, weighs over a ton and has a 36″ throat. The wheels are made of wood – how cool is that?

I think it is gorgeous – like steampunk equipment!

At the other end of the Tech scale Nitram has gone into partnership with Levi by purchasing 2 solar power/trackers.

Solar panels for Nitram

Here are the specs for each unit:
45 Sanyo 215 watt panels 9675 watts
Dimension of tracker 11.9 meters X 4.8 meters
Projected kwh/year 18000 x 2

These units will generate more electricity for the grid than we will ever use in a year of production. I believe this is a first in the Fine Art Charcoal industry.

This will make Nitram very very Green! 

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