Nitram in Literature

Drawing Atelier by Jon DeMartin

NOTE: Nitram Charcoal Recommended In this book, one of today's leading figurative artists shares techniques and approaches for drawing the human form. With a reverent grounding in the methods of the Old Masters and keen perspective developed over Jon DeMartin's 20+ years of making and teaching art, this comprehensive book focuses on the power of line and how it can be used to achieve a convincing sense of dimension and life.

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Drawing the Nude: Structure, Anatomy and Observation by Stuart Elliot

NOTE: Nitram Charcoal Recommended This is an exciting approach to drawing the human body. Divided into three parts, on structure, anatomy, and observation, it introduces a set of principles and develops a treasury of ideas for the artist to follow. While recognizing the importance of observation, it focuses more on a conceptual understanding of the construction of the body in anatomical terms.


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