Nitram Works Wonders, Even with Pastels!

John Philbin Dolan, our Featured Artist, recently completed a demo at The Pastel Society of New Mexico. Shortly afterwards he received the following email from an attendee as well as the membership chair.:

Hi, John -

First, thank you for the demo at the Pastel Society of New Mexico. (Now I understand what an atelier really is.)

And second, and most important, thank you for telling us about the Nitram charcoal. I ordered some and can't believe how much better it is than the vine charcoal I've been using forever. I can actually make corrections on Wallis paper, and that was something that just wasn't possible with the vine.

So glad you have come to New Mexico to hang around with all us desert rats. Welcome!

Gaye Garrison (membership chair) Gaye uses both the 5mm and 8mm soft batons carried by her local art store Dakota.

She primarily uses them as a base drawing for her pastels but, as you can see in the photo below, a lot of the charcoal is visible in the final painting. She likes the fact that you can go back into the color layers with the Nitram. 

Gaye Garrison

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